Coordinates CFA’s weekly large group meeting. Duties include: reserving space for the event, making accommodations for the speaker, and working with the worship team regarding scheduling.


Organizes all CFA social events and parties. These not only provide a chance for CFA members to relax and have fun, but they also provide a safe and welcoming alternative to regular campus activities.


In charge of all logistics regarding the Fall and Winter Retreat, including advertising, payments, and making sure that al conference-related activities are executed in a timely manner. Also in charge of publicizing Christian Union Summer trips and ILCFA when applicable.


Plans regular and semi-regular NYC service projects so that CFA members are regularly engaged with the city and developing a heart for serving those less-fortunate around us.


The central location for all CFA branding and advertising, including graphics for events, photos, and maintenance of the website. 



Leads praise and worship services during Illumina, our weekly lecture series, which allows a chance for intimate seeking of the Lord during the beginning and end of our service 


Initiates prayer and prayer-related activities within CFA in order to provide spaces where members can seek the Lord and create a culture of spiritual revival within the ministry.


Witnesses to Columbia community through “random acts of kindness” so that every Columbia students experiences multiple encounters with CFA members showing God’s love, especially during tough times in the school year.