The following are some of the churches members of CFA attend on Sundays! Join us as we widen our horizons beyond Columbia.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church

We usually walk together from campus to the 11:30 AM service, located at the W 83rd, between Amsterdam and Columbus. Join us for service including worship in classical music and a message from scripture preached by the Sunday Redeemer's Preach team. Dr. Timothy Keller is the Senior Pastor. 

Meet Phil at John Jay gates at 10:50 // (503) 616-8512 


Trinity Grace Church

We usually walk together from campus to the evening service in Chelsea. Trinity Grace is a non-denominational, young church with a weekly service including worship and teaching from scripture. 

Meet Rachel at 116 Broadway Gates at 3:40 // (570) 428-4531


Hillsong Church NYC

We usually take the subway from campus to attend one of the many services throughout the day. Services are currently located at the Best Buy theater in Times Square. Service includes modern HIllsong praise and worship songs and teachings from guests and Senior Pastor, Carl Lentz. 

Meet Saul at the 116 Broadway gates at 9:15 // (913) 956-1876


Emmanuel Presbyterian Church

We usually walk together from the 116 gates to Union Theological Seminary for the 10:30 AM service. Emmanuel is a small, family oriented church located nearby campus. Services include worship and teaches, and is pastored by a CFA-favorite, Pastor Charlie Drew. 

Services are at UTS  // (917) 693-1755

Mass at St. Paul's Chapel

St. Paul's Chapel is an interfaith building located on Columbia's campus. Daily mass takes place at noon and there is also a weekly mass on Sundays at 5pm. 

Meet Jason in front of Alma at 4:50 // (301) 653-1661