Bible Course is the fundamental building block of the CFA ministry. During this weekly gathering, groups of 8-10 men or women come together in a Ministry Fellow's home to dig into Scripture, pray with one another, and fellowship together. Ministry Fellows, with their seminary training and years of experience in ministry, lead the Course along with a student Assistant Bible Course Leader. Bible Courses conduct their study through a Bible Course Manual, theologically rich manuals provided by Christian Union and written by trained Christian Union staff, which are used to provide a structure in investigating part of the Bible. Recent Manuals include Romans, Sex and Spirituality, Colossians, and Seeking God Lifestyle.

Please see the schedule below for a Bible Course time that works for you! Senior courses are in red, junior courses are in purple, sophomore courses are in green, and freshmen courses are in yellow.

If you are interested in joining a Bible Course, please contact Sara Mead.



Contact Jim or Jesse or Bryant for more information!